Sevilla in Sparkles

Just when I thought, “Well, this city couldn’t be any more magical!” the Christmas lights turned on and BOOM—it redefined the meaning of magic and became the ultimate winter wonderland.

Let me break it down for you...

First of all, the lights. OMG. The lights. The whole city is simply sparkling. Every street (No really... every. single. street) is lined with a unique light design- stars, ornaments, poinsettias, everything festive and fun. The main street in the center of Seville is seriously next level. Huge 3D light banners cover the entire avenue and lead your eyes to a massive Christmas tree made of the most adorable presents (brought to you by Caser Seguros). 

In Plaza del Salvador there is the most plurtastic light show the world has ever seen. I can’t believe Insomniac hasn’t put this installation in EDC yet. Watch the video below, maybe put on a Pretty Lights song if you want to get super into it. Or not.

Ok ok ok so Christmas lights √ Now lets talk Christmas markets. In the city center is a huge mercado that only sells nativity figures. The Belén (Spanish for Bethlehem) is very important to the Spanish Christmas celebration. It (more or less) holds the same significance as a Christmas Tree in some households. At this market you can purchase miniature versions of everything from the Virgin Mary to teensy, tiny slices of cured meats and cheeses. La Alameda has an equally charming, but more family-oriented market complete with candy shops, camel and pony rides, carousels, and stands selling buñelos aka donut holes with sauce, gofres aka waffles, and churros con chocolate. Mmmmm! Fattening and delish, classic holiday season.

While Santa Claus makes an appearance on Christmas Day for some families, the main gift-givers are the Three Wise Men or los Tres Reyes Magos. They don't deliver presents until the 6th of January which means the holiday celebration here in Spain lasts well into the New Year! 

Speaking of gifts... The best (only) department store in Sevilla, El Corte Inglés, goes allllll out for Navidad. This is how they welcome their holiday shoppers ↓↓↓ And yes, the snowflakes sparkle. Obviously.

More holiday cheer from Spain to come! Un besito!