La Aventura Familiar

Just when my homesickness and nostalgia hit an all time high, my fam made the trek across the Atlantic and cured my case of the lonely girl blues! Three months away from my people was wayyyy too long. But after a hug from my Momma, a long walk linked arm-in-arm with my brother, and a belly laugh only my Dad can get out of me… I felt like myself again. 

We met in Barcelona and even though two of their checked bags were left in London (with no sign of making it to Spain in a timely manner… ), we were all in good spirits and ready to embark on our first European adventure together! We visited La Sagrada Familia where the stained glass was abundant, colorful, and absolutely mesmerizing. We made our way to the beach for lunch and ended our night in Camp Nou for the Sevilla FC vs. FC Barcelona game.  Unfortunately my fave city got their ass handed to them and Barca prevailed 5-1. Their fútbol God, Messi, broke Telmo Zarra's all-time league goal-scoring record with a hat-trick and the energy in that stadium was electrifying! But still… #VivaSevilla (obvs).

On Sunday we hopped on a plane and began our journey through Andalucía. I was so excited to show them my beautifully exotic and wonderful new home *insert heart-eye emoji smiley here*. HuffPost actually just posted an article called The 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime and guess who claimed the #2 spot??? Yeah, that's mah girl. Anyway, it was fun to play tourist and revisit all my favorite sights. We took an electric bike tour one day and had too much fun zipping around the city--highly recommend it! We also ate a lot of tapas—which were not the crowd favorite (sushi/mexi/thai-aholic probz), went on long walks, and spent the evening of Thanksgiving with my BFFs from Spain. 

We ended our trip in another Andalusian city called Granada. Granada is most famous for its 'free tapa with a drink' gastronomic culture, its close proximity to the Sierra Nevada slopes, and of course, the magnificent Alhambra. La Alhambra is a massive 11th century palace filled with intricately designed gardens, gravity-not-battery operated water fountains, and my favorite mudéjar style architecture. Oh!!! And it also sits on top of a mountain overlooking the old gypsy quarter, Albaicín, and the rest of the city. So yeah, it's kind of fabulous. 

Our last day together came too soon! I had to say goodbye at 5am because of their early flight out of Granada to Madrid.... then to New York.... then finally to San Diego (yuck!). When I woke up the room was so quiet, but I felt rejuvenated to take on the next leg of my solo adventure. And besides, they'll be back for Christmas! Te quiero todos muchísimo...Olé!