The City of Lights

Tour Eiffel, uninterrupted // 9 November 2014, 10:43pm.

I’ve done a fair share of traveling in my 22 years: east coast, west coast, a couple key European cities, a few places south of the US border and an island or two. I have a whole lot more of the world to see, but I can tell you with complete and utter certainty that I’ll never love anywhere more than I love Paris, France. It’s just not possible. I think a trilingual tongue is my new goal…

I spent the weekend with my high school friend, Kenzie, who is well acquainted to Parisian life. She has a gorgeous French accent, a vast knowledge of the city and she was eager to make my two days as full and perfect as possible. And of course, as she is an old friend, she knew which charming attractions were going to melt my heart into a million pieces. Well done, Kenz .



Our day began at Basilique du Sacré- Cœur in Montmartre. The church sits at the highest point in Paris giving all the gawking tourists an incredibly expansive view of the city. Sunlight enters the chapel through a series of vibrantly stained glass windows, a gold accented mural covers the ceiling, and the entire place twinkles from the hundreds of candles that line the pews. I lit a candle for Coach C and my tiniest baby cousin, Liberty. It was very special and made my heart happy.

Then we twirled our way down some cobblestone streets and arrived at the single cutest cafe in the history of the world: La Maison Rose. Our lunch consisted of a bottle of Rosé, a Nutella crepe and a hour and a half of catching up...  #perfection.

Next stop ➙ Top of the Arc de Triomphe. The view from the top is pure magic. The Eiffel Tower sits elegantly in the distance and the luxurious, famous boulevard Champs-Élysées guides your eyes all the way to the Place de la Concorde (aka where queen betch of the last three centuries Marie Antoinette and her hubby Louis were beheaded). 

Took a stroll down said luxurious boulevard to eat appropriately luxurious treats @ Ladurée. Macaroons, pastries, pink champagne and the most glam and lavishly decorated restaurant evs.

Then we went for a longggg but enchanting walk through the city and it looked like this↓

Sunday began with coffee at the grand opening of a new cafe called Cream, followed by brunch with a view of fall foliage and the Eiffel Tower (which never, ever got old!) and a stroll through the Parisian version of Central Park - Buttes Chaumont. 

Then I went solo exploring- headphones in, lipstick on, camera ready. My eyes were never disappointed: countless flower patches, gorgeous architecture, posh as ever Parisian girls doting their designer handbags and upturned noses, a street of high end shops and sexy cars, and a super pink sherbet sunset.  

Thinking of you

It was hard to say goodbye to such a dazzling place and amazing company after only a couple of days... I could have stayed forever. But at least my last memory of Paris was the Eiffel Tower in all its sparkling, shining glory. Au revoir! Merci beaucoup, Mademoiselle Kenzie!

Tour Eiffel, uninterrupted // 9 November 2014, 11:00pm.