Día de San Valentín en Córdoba

I spent Valentine's Day weekend in the most charming little Spanish city called Córdoba. Still located in the southern region of Andalusia, Córdoba is only an hour north from Sevilla on the AVE train, making it the perfect place for a weekend getaway. I went with a small group of friends and we decided to rent a house through Air BnB instead of a hotel. We were splendidly surprised! Our house was smack dab in the center of the city and absolutely stunning. It had been restored from the 17th C and in the middle of the house was a 14th century Roman water well. Like... are you kidding me? Too cute.

Our hosts were darling and gave us a marked up a map of the city with all their personal recommendations for restaurants, bars, and sights we should see... We went to almost all of them! Our place was only a hop/skip/jump away from the Guadalquivir River where the gorgeous Puente Romano (Roman Bridge) drapes itself elegantly across the water. The bridge was constructed in the 1st century AD, and though it has been restored numerous times since,  it is still maintains its historic luster. Alongside the river was this mysteriously beautiful water mill that we later learned was called the Molino de la Abolafia. It was definitely one of my most favorite landmarks! Sooooo dreamy *heart eye emoji*.

Later that day we visited the legendary Mesquita de Córdoba, which was a Catholic Christian church turned Muslim Mosque turned Roman Catholic church. As to be expected, the fusion of these different religions and cultures has created impressive and unique designs within the building. 

As the sun was setting we made our way to the Palacio de Viana , a gorgeous palace/museum filled with a ton of outdoor courtyards and patios filled with flower pots, intricate gardens, water fountains, and brightly colored doors. I have a slight obsession with both flowers and palaces (can you tell??) so I was in heaven! 

The whole weekend was picture perfect and full of romantic scenery and beautiful memories! Couldn't have asked for a more special, Spanish birthday/Valentine's weekend. I actually went back last Saturday with my girlfriends for a day trip and they were also charmed by its serenity and small town vibes. 

Córdoba has a trendy, southern California x Pacific Northwest x Spanish gastronomic scene. The fonts and signage on the restaurants are pretty hip as compared to the traditional tiling found in other Spanish cities.  We had a plethora of delish bites + sips. Thought I would share my recs below! (Click the names to be redirected to their sites)

La Bicicleta: Great place to get the day started! Situated in the heart of the city and a lovely atmosphere. Must try the amazing fresh squeezed juices (served w/ or w/o alchy and my personal fave was the piña colada and the pera), a piece of fluffy toast (served w/ avo & lemon olive oil or cheese & jelly), and the homemade cakes - (violet and strawberry... bc obviously).

Cervezas Califa: Fun lil microbrewery with a ton of interesting beers to choose from. Totally feels like a SD hot spot and is a nice break from the typical spanish cervezas like San Miguel and Cruz Campo. I personally don't love the hops in an IPA, but if you are cooler than me and into that flavor, this is your place. 

Bar Santos: This place is much more typical than the others but they have HUGE spanish tortillas (literally they look like birthday cakes) and they are super delicious! There is always a crowd outside the bar and everyone eats/ drinks alongside the Cathedral. Nice for a snack break in between sightseeing. 

Add Córdoba to your bucket list of Spanish cities to see! It's a hidden gem. I am going back in the spring for their annual flower festival called Los Patios de Córdoba, but whatever the season, this place will capture your heart! It certainly got ahold of mine. 

Un besito X