A Letter to My Hero

A letter to my friend, my coach, my mentor and my hero: Coach Scott Chodorow

Dear Coach C,

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for letting me be a part of the TP Cheer program all four years and for making each year equally memorable and amazing. Thank you for the long hours, the hard work, and the sacrifices you made to make sure we were always prepared and looked our absolute best.

Thank you for every homecoming performance, for inventing the legendary pom-pom wave, and for tackling every streaker that tried to ruin our routine. Thank you for letting us wear our hair half-up, half-down when we got to be on KUSI news and thank you for reserving the gold sparkly fabric for Varsity… It was something to work for.

Thank you for filling our summer breaks with timed miles, ab work-outs, stadiums, jump lines, and stunting in Ed Burke Stadium. Thanks for letting us show off a little when the football players came down or when the field hockey girls were waiting for the field. Thanks for making cheerleading athletic, difficult, and respected… And thanks for always reminding us that we had the highest GPA of any sports team at Torrey.  That never got old.

Thank you for teaching us how to rough it at cheer retreat—the most anticipated sleepover of the summer. We may have been in the backyard of a Rancho estate, but we still had to pitch our own tents and cope with the porta-potties. Thanks for filling the day with fun and games, the evening with hilariously silly skits and the night with candle lit reflection. It was a formula of events that bonded us as teammates and sisters for the rest of the school year.

Thank you for the long talks about dancing bears, high school romances, and for reminding us that silly boys are not allowed to make us cry. But of course... Thanks for wiping our tears away when they did. Your bear hugs made even the worst days a little better and your advice is still referenced and appreciated.

Thank you for being an outstanding, dedicated father to Cole and Jordan. You were always the most proud when you were showing us their dance recital or sports videos. You were a "second father" to all of us, but they were lucky enough to have you as their own. Thank you for being a loving, loyal husband to Suzy and reminding us that SHE was the final decision-maker. Thank you for telling her she was beautiful, acknowledging her as your better half, and for letting her choreograph us  “hips sections.” Those were the best… We felt like babes.

Thanks for being the heart and soul of Torrey Pines High School. Our sweet memories of those carefree days would cease to exist without you. Thank you for bringing my best friends together. Your name will always hold a very special sentiment between us and we will forever be grateful for you.

I already miss you terribly, but I know I have gained a relentlessly protective guardian angel. I know you will watch after and protect us all and that makes me feel i n v i n c i b l e. 

Your light will shine on forever.. You're a legend. Thank you for everything. I wouldn't have made it without you.

RIP Coach C <3 TPC4L